price movements while on the move!

Need info on price movements on crypto exchanges while on the move? Set up a scanner, give it a few minutes to sync and get notified only on the coins you're interested in.


A scanner will notify you on the price change you configured and display the change percentage of the pair. Tapping a result box in the Scan Results section will take you directly to the Exchange web page for that particular trade pair so you can submit a buy or sell order. Swipe the scan result away and the scanner will remove past prices data for that trading pair and hence temporarily limit notifications for that pair.

Great for quickly detecting those pumps, dumps and panics on the market, or just for assisting with your day-trading and monitoring your favorite coins.

Extra scanners

Simple Crypto Scanner now also features an on-demand volatility scan to find the most volatile trading pair on the exchange in a given time frame. Start the volatility scan and improve your day-trading decisions.

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